What to Do When Drafting a Research Paper

It is not easy to craft a captivating research paper that makes a lasting impact. Students may think that crafting a winning article takes a lot of time and that it's not their cup of tea. However, it is possible to start doing it within a matter of days if you take the right steps. Since research paper writing a research paper is a crucial process in all learning institutions, instructors need to ensure that learners learn all the steps involved in writing a winning paper.

What to Include in Your Research Paper

When completing your research paper, ensure to include a list of the concepts you uncovered from the topic. You should also discuss the analysis and evaluation. Here are some of the essential parts you should ensure you include in your research paper.

Introductory Section

This is the section that provides an overview of what to expect. The idea is to hook the readers so they can keep reading your content. The introduction should capture your readers’ attention from the first sentence by providing essential background information. It should be structured so that readers can easily follow it by scanning through your paper.

Findings Section

This section should analyze the method used to collect data and interpret it. The section should clearly demonstrate the knowledge you gained in your research from the topic. Reviewing the ideas comprehensively helps the reader understand what to expect after they read it.


The discussion should contain relevant points that must be supported by ample evidence. It should provide a clear view of the issue through detailed analysis. The supportive evidence comes from the thesis statement, conclusion, and citation.

5 Expert Strategies to Help You Write Your Research Paper

You can start now by considering the writing process as an expert planner. The principles of a good planner will ensure that you follow all the crucial sections of your research paper. Here is a breakdown of the key parts in your research paper to ensure you have crafted the right piece.

Defining the Question

When writing a research paper, it is essential write my essay to define the question asked. If you meet the requirements given by your tutor, you can write the research paper without a problem. However, if you are not sure, define the question to guide you on what questions to research and write the research paper.

Exemplify the Critical Analysis of the Information Contained

Use the research paper drafting as a checklist that you can follow whenever you have to create content that provides pieces of evidence. For example, you can ask yourself if the evidence supports the main point or show that there is something missing.

Include the Resources Used in Crafting the Content

Where you used sources other than the ones provided by your tutor, it is advisable to cite them as you developed your content. This also helps eliminate the chances of plagiarism.